THE CHAELI SPORTS & RECREATIONAL CLUB: Celebrating 13 years of inclusion through sports!

CSRC dancers became double world champions in Ballroom and Latin American in their respective categories at the Holland Dans Spektakel in 2015: Mukhtar Lee/Chantell le Roux (Amateur Class 2) and Damian Michaels/Chaeli Mycroft (Amateur Class 1).

taking a tumble …

taking a tumble … June 2022 Follow on Instagram: @zeldagroblermycroft Follow on Twitter: @MadMomZelda Rwanda, country of a thousand hills, is beautiful. Chaeli was invited to speak at the 2022 Commonwealth Youth Summit (ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) in Kigali. The first takeaway is how wonderfully hospitable Rwandans are and the second[…]

little feet and wheelchair footrests …

little feet and wheelchair footrests … February 2022 Follow on Instagram: @zeldagroblermycroft Follow on Twitter: @MadMomZelda Becoming a mom is the second best thing that’s happened in my life … becoming a grandmother has to rank top of the pops! All the joy of welcoming a bright little life into this world without the discomfort[…]

Inclusive Arts Collective

Follow on Instagram: @ct_inclusive_arts Follow on Facebook: @iacsouthafrica New beginnings for the Inclusive Arts Collective by Kirsten Steenkamp January 2022 Art is the rich colouring of the diverse spaces we inhabit: the walls of art galleries and studios, theatres and performance schools, sprayed across buildings and painted on street corners the world over. However, most[…]

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