Stories of Hope

Celebrating the lives of people from all walks of life, with a wide spectrum of abilities, who live life to the full:

We are thrilled to be part of the incredible Chaeli Sports and Recreation Club (CSRC) and to run in support of the Chaeli Campaign’s remarkable work for our disabled children


Celebrating 13 years of inclusion through sports! Changing the lives of disabled people through sports.


Chaeli is not afraid to challenge perceptions and go against the perceived norm; she is also no stranger to finding herself in the history books. In 2016, she became the first  -[…]

Mandela Day is a day sanctioned by the United Nations and is commemorated on the 18th of July each year on former President Nelson Mandela’s birthday  -[…]

On 1 June the world celebrates Parents Day. This day is traditionally observed by the United Nations as a day to honour the unique role parents play in guiding  -[…]

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 15 May of every year shall be observed as the International Day of Families. The day reflects the importance -[…]

Most people don’t know it but 20 March is International Day of Happiness. The day was established in June 2012 after the United Nations General Assembly adopted -[…]

One would have imagined that South Africa’s robust constitution would’ve elevated the needs of this vulnerable population, but disabled individuals are profoundly marginalised across the spectrum of human rights -[…]

On 11 February the world celebrated International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Only 33% of researchers are women and, according to  “women account for just 22% -[…]

Art is the rich colouring of the diverse spaces we inhabit: the walls of art galleries and studios, theatres and performance schools, sprayed across buildings and painted on street corners the world over.  -[…]

While international awards line the entrance hallway of The Chaeli Campaign headquarters in Cape Town, there is a young woman who comes into work every day – ready to take on global policies and significant happenings with headline-worthy debates! -[…]

October is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s not typically an occasion that receives household recognition, but it is here. And the message is clear: It’s okay not to be okay. For this October special, we bring in an expert to share her Story of Hope -[…]

21 September is the International Day of Peace – a worldwide recognition of the importance of peace for repairing conflict, community building and nurturing forgiveness -[…]

With our global ambassador and co-founder, Chaeli Mycroft, The Chaeli Campaign family has cultivated a mindset that disability gives people the opportunity to do things differently. For our ability activism -[…]

The world celebrated Mandela Day on 18 July, a United Nations-sanctioned awareness day that honours the community hero and former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Mandela humanised  -[…]

Known as the Ultimate Human Race, the gruelling Comrades Marathon has taken place every year since 1921, taking its only break during World War 2. Now, as the Covid-19 pandemic causes disruption of the in-person race -[…]

The development and harmonious living of humankind relies on diversity. Our strength rests in collaborating with those who are different to us, learning unique perspectives and having greater insight -[…]

Before you read on, try to reflect on the last time you were grateful for your voice. -[…]

Damian Michaels was one such gentleman whose beautiful soul affected everyone with whom he interacted. Damian was described by his loved ones as compassionate and kind. -[…]

2007, the year in which the United Nations first announced a World Day of Social Justice, celebrated annually on February 20. That same year – in her personal life, and especially in her career – Hazel solidified her –[…]

Finding significant meaning in the struggle for survival, Sibongile Chanengeta shares with me the journey that transformed her life forever. A moving narrative being told for the first time – a parent’s Story of Hope –[…]

“Are you judged by people?” I ask Mpumi bluntly. “Possibly. Aren’t we all?”

The lens with which we view the world colours the perceptions of our experiences. These perceptions filter down to the very way we think about, speak to, and engage with –[…]

Nikki would easily tell you that she is a completely different person to the one she was just 5 years ago. And although Nikki’s story does not start at 27 years old – […]

When we are young, we spend a lot of time playing with, and comparing ourselves to other kids. Much of our psycho-social learning occurs at school, an education that extends deep beyond our curriculum. Along with our classmates –[…]

September is National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month; and a fantastic opportunity to dive deeper to explore stories of those impacted by spinal cord injuries in South Africa. Through uncovering some of the[…]

As we commence Women’s Month this August, we want to shine light on the powerful women that are inspiring change in South Africa. Our story focuses on a woman who has centred her life’s[…]

As we commence Women’s Month this August, we want to shine light on the powerful women that are inspiring change in South Africa. Our story focuses on a woman who has centred her life’s[…]

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