Club CC360

What is Club CC360?

Club CC360 is the Sustainability & Supporter Loyalty Programme of The Chaeli Campaign. Club CC360 is a space for us to celebrate our work with you and connect like-minded, philanthropic community members who are passionate about positively impacting the lives of disabled children and their families.

What are you supporting?

You can decide which part of our work you’d like to support – General Chaeli Campaign Projects; Chaeli Cottage Preschool Scholarship; or Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club (you’ll indicate this choice when you sign up).

Each pledge has an impact. A few examples of where your money goes:

R100 = 5 meals for children in need

R250 = 1 ECD Stationery Kit

R500 = 1 2-hour dance workshop

R1000 = 1 Ambassadors workshop

R2000 = 1 month school fees for 1 disabled preschooler

What do you get as a Club CC360 member?

When you sign up as a Club CC360 member you will receive a monthly ‘Big Impact Story’ where you’ll learn more about one of our beneficiaries and gain more insight into our holistic approach and other aspects of how we do what we do – why The Chaeli Campaign is unique and a trailblazer in the disability sector.

The Chaeli Campaign can provide tax certificates for any pledge made.

We will have Club CC360 events that are just for you to celebrate your contributions to creating more inclusive communities. We also have a Members’ Only Challenge called December Dash. You can find out more about December Dash below:

How to join

It’s awesome that you’ve decided to invest in The Chaeli Campaign and support disabled children to thrive. We’re so excited to welcome you to the Club!

All you need to do is click ‘Join Now’, fill in your details, choose your investment tier and where you’d like your pledge to go, and you’re all sorted. We will be in touch to share your next steps and what you can expect going forward.

Investment Tiers

Club CC360 has 3 investment tiers. These are:

Pledge Partner

(R0 - R999)

Super Supporter

(R1000 - R9 999)

Elite Member

(R10 000 +)

You can indicate your preferred tier when you sign up.

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