Assistive Devices

Parents of differently-abled children are invited to partner The Chaeli Campaign by raising funds for their own children’s mobility and communication devices, as well as consumables, through signing up friends and colleagues (or participating themselves) as Chaeli Runners/Riders in various events (like Cape Town Cycle Tour and Two Oceans Marathon) and encouraging their network/s to sponsor their time in the saddle or on the road.

Inclusive Education

We run an Early Childhood Development Inclusion programme in disadvantaged communities as well as support children with disabilities in mainstream schools. We partner 40+ pre-schools in providing skills development for pre-schoolers, their parents and teachers. Inclusion, ability and possibility are key themes creating supportive, accepting, creative learning environments for children of all abilities. Chaeli Cottage Pre-School is an exceptional example of an inclusive ECD learning space.

Therapies and Outreach

Our team of community workers, alongside therapists, facilitate therapeutic interventions for individual children referring them into more sustainable pathways. We conduct home visits to ensure home-based community support and also run outreach clinics and workshops to constantly support, educate and advise families with differently-abled children.

Advocacy and Training

The Chaeli Campaign serves as an incubator and admin centre for projects that do not have capacity to function as independent organisations. Year on year we welcome interns from local and international academic institutions, including Rotterdam University, University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape and the SA College of Applied Psychology. The Chaeli Campaign is proud of its international footprint and is acknowledged as an organisation that affirms and grows ability and inclusion activists.

Leadership through Social Entrepreneurship

The Pay-It-Forward Ambassadors Programme affirms children between the ages of 9 and 17 as social leaders by providing training about how social entrepreneurship can create positive change in young change-makers and their communities. Training develops the following competencies: Leadership; Communication; Social Entrepreneurship; Active Citizenship; Personal Development. This year-long programme culminates in each Ambassador (as an individual or in a group) planning and running his/her own social upliftment project to benefit his/her chosen beneficiary. Knowledge in action.

Virtual Support Projects

COVID-19 lockdown created the need for us to pivot and find new ways of reaching out to make a difference in the communities that we serve. Food support has become an ongoing critical need, virtual schooling has resulted in communicating with pre-schoolers, parents, leadership ambassadors using Whatsapp, SMS messages and video platforms like Zoom. This has resulted in the creation fo content that is now available for wider distribution on our Download page – please check it out! National virtual parent support groups are now a permanent feature. Lockdown emphasised the big chasm that exists between people who have access to data and the internet and those who do not. As a result we now supply data in order for our participants in need to access the virtual projects, created during lockdown, but now a permanent supplement to our in-person programmes.
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